Thursday, February 25, 2010

Owl Remembering

A white Owl flew into the windshield of my friend's car as she drove from Kona to Hilo. The white majestic bird of prey flew out of the darkness directly towards the lit up vehicle headed to Mauna Loa - the great living volcano.

As the white owl lay dying, Mauna Loa was creating new life. The Goddess Pele reminds us that she changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.

So it is with the great mystery and with the circle of life.

Owl speaks to me regularly. She calls in the night, though sometime ominous sounding it is always affirming I live on a dynamic planet spinning magically through space.

The owl's howl calls for change, evokes transformation, and re-members me.

I howl for change. And when the echo reaches my ear I hear the call of the Screech Owl.


Kilauea Caldera, Hawaii, #8343

© 2010 James W. Murray, all rights reserved.

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Details: August 31, 2007; Canon 20D; f/8 @ 1/125 sec; ±0 EV; ISO 800; 17mm.


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