Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Prayer for Sarah Jane

All of life is circle.

Beginnings and endings. It becomes so constant that it's difficult to see exactly when it begins, or where it ends.

We all come to this life in search of the good-trouble, LOVE.

Sarah was my friend. She was the mother of soul sister, Jeanne. She was a grandmother and great-grandmother. She came to this life willing to find the good-trouble.

And, she found it! She created it! She lived it, and she left this life having touched so many with her absolutely feisty passion for life, family and LOVE.

Sarah's daughter Jeanne was inspired to jump into the deep water of love because she experienced her mother safely navigate these waters.

Sarah descended from a strong stock of women. She in turn mothered a strong woman whom I trust with my life and my heart.

There has never been before, nor shall there ever be, a star which twinkles so incandescently and mischievously, shines so proudly or comforts hearts so naturally as did Sarah Jane.

She hasn't really left us. Even now she shines brightly, deep within our hearts, bringing forth the memories we were blessed to share together.

Look up into the October night sky. Find the brightest star with a constant playful twinkle.

Do you see it? That is Sarah Jane.

Call upon her in times of sorrow and grace. She is waiting to shine down upon you and bless you with her good-trouble LOVE.

Just as she demonstrated to us through her own life, follow your dreams, find your North Star and live your life fully. Nothing would make her happier!

The other place I know to find her is at the beach, dancing upon the crashing waves, spraying forth the elixir of life. As the waves roll into shore, I hear her voice and laughter, and I realize she'll dance, swim, sing and love forever.

Sarah Jane, save me a seat, I will be there soon.


Bodega Head Surf, #1631

© 2010 James W. Murray, all rights reserved.

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Details: October 9, 2010; Canon 20D; f/6.3 @ 1/500 sec; —2/3 EV; ISO 100; 61mm.


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