Friday, December 31, 2010

Eve of the New Year

As 2010 passes before my eyes, I fondly recall the recent winter solstice and lunar eclipse. It was last seen four hundred years ago. I am taken aback by the magnificence of these two major events occurring together within my lifetime. Celestial events amaze and inspire me. They are magical even while being expected and measured.

When I stop and consider the genuine preciousness of life, I am in total awe. We are so blessed to be on this living, giving planet which I lovingly and gratefully call Mother Earth. She loves and provides for us unconditionally, despite our ignorance and harm. She swirls in the sensual depths of the universe, surrounded by stars and planets. Her orbit is scheduled and specific. Not too much changes for the earth and her orbit. It could seem too defined and maybe a little boring. Somehow I doubt that there is much stagnancy in the universe.

Over the past twelve months there have been a number of times I felt tired and bored with my life, my conditions, my career, etc. I entered into a period of spiritual inertia. When I go to this place it is usually a sign that my life in unbalanced, or what I call being in spiritual disequilibrium. I am either doing too much unnecessary activities, or not doing enough of the essential things. Sometimes if I am not careful, I can call "distractions" into my life. These can come in the form of activities that are unhealthy or unproductive, or they can, for some of us, be addictions (alcohol, drugs, spending, eating, sex, etc.). It is important to stay close to my source during these fallow times of inertia. It is a good time to increase meditation, spiritual reflection, yoga, or spend time in the natural world. If you are in a twelve step program, it is a time to return to the basics. I can attend more meetings and show up early and be of service to newcomers.

The wheel of the year continues to turn, and just like a lunar eclipse, it ends. The days click by, and the years seem to pass by more quickly. I must be alive and active in my own life everyday, even when I am tired of the conditions. It is my responsibility to "act as if" until I can once again feel the joy of being alive and being Julianna.

May the New Year bring you all the joy, health and abundance you desire.
May you find love and the patience to sustain it.
May you be filled with the peace, love and kindness of the divine.
And most of all may you be in peace within your own skin.

On this early morning on January 1, 2011, I am grateful for the freedom, love and peace that fills my heart and hearth. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. It is up to each one of us to make the best of it, and everyday that follows.

Polaris (True North Revolutions), #3237-3239

© 2010 James W. Murray, all rights reserved.

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Details: May 17, 2009; Canon 20D; f/5 @ 20 mins, 17 sec; ±0 EV; ISO 400; 17mm.


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