Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Sacred Mountain (au revoir, ma mere - bon voyage).

I am in the desert. It is sacred, silent and vast.  

In this place my mother has laid down on the top of a mountain which I call the Mesa, her Mesa, and all around her are pink roses.  She rests comfortably, performing belly breaths, as she awaits the Creator and her ancestors. Their arrival is imminent; they come to shepherd her home.

My beautiful mother: kind, generous, a natural healer and lover of Mother Earth and all of Her relations.  She has been my sunrise and my darkest night.  My mother taught me about Love.  Her kind, gentle, graceful presence has been a living example of LOVE.  I wish I was more like her.

My sisters are here with me. 

Today, I allow myself to be the baby of the family.  I allow my sisters to guide me and I follow.

Today I am carried by my Soul Sisters from the Circle of Stones, who too are Vision Questing on the Mesa with me.  They are present: my sacred and wise counsel.

My sisters, blood and sinew, are connected to me.  We each have our own medicine.  

Coyote is also here with his sacred medicine.  He is our kin representing the sheer spontaneity of life, which is our birthright as human beings.  He reminds us of the celebration of life.  In the desert, the potency of silence brings and amplifies the brilliance of our Souls' songs. 

Carried to us by the winds, the song of Lauretta Maureen Koziol Book, rings in our ears.  The birds sing in operatic joy.  The creator and Mother Earth guide the melody and tempo.   

We dance.
      We dance.
            We dance.  

Please join us in a moment of sacred presence and DANCE.

In the moments leading up to the ending of physical life, time seems to slow down and the air feels electric.  Every sense in my body (vision, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and understanding) is heightened.

I stand at the edge of the sacred mountain calling out to the Creator, my ancestors, Mother Earth, and all of my people. 

I am calling for prayer.  
I am calling for support. 
I am calling for peace. 
I am calling for mercy.  
I am calling upon your Grace.
God hear my prayers.  Take my Mother, up to your heart and keep her there safely at your side.  Please send love and support to my father, Julian Book and my sisters Barbara, Donna, and Patricia.  Please also send peace and lovingkindness to my husband James, my daughter Hannah all all of the relations in the Book, Youngs, Brooks, Murray, and Koziol families.

Sunset over Sonora Desert, Looking Southwest, #9891

© 2013  James W. Murray, all rights reserved.

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Sun Rays Over Sonora Desert, Looking Southwest, #9891Sun Rays Over Sonora Desert, Looking Southwest, #9891Sun Rays Over Sonora Desert, Looking Southwest, #9891

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