Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Pass

This is the very first day of A Talking Stick blog that my husband James and I are dedicating ourselves to for an entire year.

In many indigenous cultures worldwide, a talking stick is a tool used in ceremony or ritual as a spiritual diving rod for a person's own truth. It empowers one to dive deeply into their own inner world and discover that small still voice that is often buried under layers of social conditioning.

Our commitment to this blog and to one another is to speak our truth, individually and collectively. As with a talking stick, the tradition inspires the holder of the stick to speak in "truth tongue". In a marriage, or in life, one's ability to speak the truth will determine the course of one's life.

Are you speaking in "truth tongue" in your life?

A Talking Stick 
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  1. Very nice start, if I say so myself. ;)

    A great genesis of an idea. You, True North, are an amazing human being with vast insight and a limitless depth of compassion, love and grace in your soul. It is an honor, privilege, and source of great joy to be in your world. ~Saguaro