Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Running With the Pack

A wolf is only as strong as it's pack, and the pack is only as strong the wolves that make it up.

Being a part of is one of the strongest desires of living creators, especially human beings.    We all live in a context.  Our family and the traditions we grew up with helped to shape our minds, our experiences, and to some extent our spiritual reality. 

Whether or not we had a warm den to take refuge in from the bitter cold world shaped our impressions of life.  Meaning and purpose in one's life is often shaped by family traditions and childhood experiences. A wolf pup being raised in a pack learns to share, to lean on others and to be strong for the pack. Can a wolf pup survive in the wild alone?

A wolf pack travels together, fiercely loyal and collectively strong.  A lone wolf, separated from the pack, holds the memory of such experiences in her heart and can evoke that strength and support in times of need.  When a wolf howls in the dark of night, is she calling to her pack?  Is she saying; "I am alive!"?  Or is it a howl of yearning to return to the warmth and comfort of the pack?

A marriage needs a warm den in which to take refuge from the cold world. 

Am I creating a warm den for my pack? 

Am I working within the limits and strength of the pack, or am acting like a lone wolf? 

When I howl into the darkness, what is my message?

What is your message?

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