Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hummingbird Medicine

Recently, while meditating, I lay on a blanket basking in the California sunshine while soaking up the rays of God. I opened my eyes and hovering directly above me was a tiny hummingbird.  She was peering down at me as if to say "I see you.  I know you. I witness you."  I felt her powerful presence and understood this was a holy moment. Her wings moving up and down frenetically, in a peaceful, purposeful way.

As I continue to lay still watching her watch me I felt visible, seen, and spiritually vulnerable. She darted to and fro, coming back to hover and look at me. This lasted for  less than 2 minutes, but felt like an afternoon. It was as if time slowed down as her wings quickened and propelled her energetically. When she took flight there was a distinct high pitched sound marking her leave taking. She sang her song to me as she flew away.

I want to honor my loved ones in a similar way. I want to cease my frenetic pace, and turn towards my partner, daughter, best friend and parent and meet their eyes when they speak. I want to witness them for who they are, just as I felt witnessed by hummingbird. 
Do I allow those I love in my life to sing their own song? 
Am I able to witness others and appreciate them for who they are? 
Am I able to sing my own song?  
Am I able to be witnessed?  
Are you? 

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Untitled, #7154

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Details:  May 6, 2006; Canon 20D; f/10 @ 1/200 sec; -1/3 EV; ISO 200; 55mm


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