Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wading into the healing waters

Big stuff is busting out in our couple's counseling.

My husband and I began undertaking resistance to improve authentic connection in our marriage. The fear of water (being a big powerful source of emotion, creation and destruction) is primal. It is dangerous to misstep around water; one could lose their life. A sudden submersion can create an environment lacking the oxygen essential to remain breathing. Breath provides the energy of Life. Being in fear of losing one's breath can create enough energy to bolster one significantly.

Wading into the healing waters led by a kindly shaman who knows the way, we follow and then may become tired or scared. Then we either get lost in our inner chaos, or we simply fall back into old ways of wandering -- usually blinded by attachment to what we think we must have. Yet blind, faithful wandering can also lead us back to HOME.

The home I remember is discovered traversing the water and flowing into creative connections to self and others.

It is hard enough trying to see and comprehend what I see. I am unable to see for another person with any degree of accuracy. Sometime one must lose one's sight to gain the vision.

Precipice, #8932

© 2010 James W. Murray, all rights reserved.

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Details: June 20, 2010; Canon 20D; f/5 @ 1/1603 sec; -2/3 EV; ISO 200; 100mm.


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