Thursday, December 24, 2009

Keep it Simple

Simple pleasures include the smell of home brewed Peet's Holiday Blend, the sound of my cats fighting like sisters in a bathroom, and the image of my beautiful daughter cutting heirloom tomatoes in the kitchen.

I am simply having a wonderful holiday season.  
I am simply appreciating the blessings in our lives including health, prosperity and love. 
I am grateful my parents are still with us, and relatively healthy. 
I am grateful my sisters are healthy, even if one of them no longer speaks to me.  At least she is alive and well enough to be resentful.

I am also grateful I never gave up on myself. 

A friend called me this week because we were supposed to get together Tuesday afternoon.  I had too many things on my calendar, as usual.  I wanted to "re-arrange" our time.  She felt unimportant and told me she was not getting enough time from me. This is not a new complaint for my ears.  I have heard this complaint several times, from different sources. I have faced this demon through loved ones eyes and I have made lots of noble declarations about changing how much I try to put into each day.  The habit is compulsive business.  Do you know about this? Scheduling myself from seven o'clock in the morning until I drop into bed at midnight.

I don't like New Years' resolutions because I think they're bullshit.  So, I have decided what I am giving myself for Christmas, and it is simply permission not to be so hard on myself, put less on my calendar and put my needs first and foremost.  I want to be a good example of keeping my own well full of water before I try to care for the thirsty masses. 

I owe amends to my friends, my family, my creator and myself due to compulsive business.  Being purposeful and busy is a good thing.  It is whole other problem to run ragged trying to catch up with yourself.  2010 is the year of Simple Scheduling.  I will ask myself two questions before I commit myself:
1) Is this necessary right now? 
2) Is this activity/engagement/commitment  for my highest good?

If the answer to both questions is YES, then "book 'em Danno"~otherwise I will Keep It Simple & preserve my sanity, serenity and self respect.

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