Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Limiting ourselves through loyalty

Human beings need choices.  Choices can balance powerlessness with hope. We must hone our vision to see possibilities.

I limit my own possibilities.  I believed I was designated to be mediocre because I was born into a middle class family.  My father used to say "we are blue collar" with pride.  Blue collar was the gold standard. Why? I never gave this much thought. I just sort of accepted this attitude, along with many others. Those attitudes, beliefs and limitations eventually just become unconscious processes running all the time.

After high school, I went to college.  I drifted about trying to figure out what I wanted to "be" for the rest of my life.  I did not have a clue as to the vast choices available.  I only knew what I knew. My degree was largely selected by default. I know this sounds closed minded, and it is. Our closed mind is the result of programming by family, society, education, etc.

How is one to know what lies beyond their own personal horizon? 

Up until the 20th Century man had not discovered galaxies beyond our solar system. Mankind's notion of the sum of the universe was unimaginatively constrained.  

Do we keep our universes small in order for us to conform to familial or social expectations? 

Do we limit our possibilities to remain in a contract that was hoist upon us in childhood? 

Maybe we stay small minded in order to play it safe?

We each have to go back and review agreements we have made in the past about who we are and what we believe is possible. This type of inventory aids us in seeing where our loyalties lay. Are we loyal to ideas and misinformation which diminish us?

Once we are conscious to limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we can change our minds.  With new understanding we can see choices previously unfathomable and then we can manifest exponential expansion in our lives.

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