Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year in Review

We are at the 11th hour literally, to the next decade.  It is now 1:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard time) and in eleven hours we will be ringing in 2010.  At this point it is a good time to review the year for highlights and disappointments.

Highlights include our health, recovery, and blessings.  We are both employed and have a home which we own.  We woke up everyday in 2009 indoors.

James' highlights include a wonderful art show in December, his ability to participate in his mother's passing, his 50th birthday and his 20 year recovery celebration in April, and the growth and establishment of his success at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Library in San Jose.

My highlight is my promotion to Unit Leader in Partylite, and the birth of our new Unit "Lovin' Lites." Other highlights include my daughter, who is beautiful, healthy, smart and capable of doing much more that she has been in the past three months; my husband, a champion of the downtrodden in the program of AA, and who never stops being of maximum service; Thanksgiving in New York (2008) with my sisters who all are alive and healthy, along with my beautiful niece and nephew and their husbands who are also alive and healthy.  

I remember my brothers at this time, and give thanks for their presence in our lives, the memories and the gifts they bestowed upon the family and the community while they walked on the planet. Here's to you Jay and Tom!

Disappointments include the loss of Jame's mother, Johanna Lynn Elin,  in November 2009; changes in leadership at work; not passing the licensing exam on my first try; not losing all the weight I hoped I would, and not being our new home by Christmas.

We look forward to 2010 with gratitude and grace as our creator gentle guides our lives to be trusted servants in the world, and to be good examples of love and peace. 

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